NLP Practitioner Plus

So it's ages since you done your Practitioner and you are ready to pick up the reigns again and get back into your NLP. Or maybe it's just that you love the opportunity to train with many different trainers gaining a borad spectrum of experience and insight into how NLP works ina variety of contexts. Or maybe your Prac was just crap and you feel you missed something because everyone keeps telling you how awesome it is!!

Whichever reason you need to refresh your already certificated NLP knowledge our exclusive Prac PLUS program is for you.

We recognise that you, whether you accept it or not, will already be skilled at NLP, we don't know how much but we trust there will be something there. Therefore we invite you to grab one of only two places on each Practitioner program exclusively held for already certified Practitioners - no matter when your certificate was gained (yes, even if it is 20 years old and you can't remember any of it... consciously!).

Prac PLUS has you joining our next Practitioner Program as a fully fledged delegate with all the benefits that you would expect as a full delegate on our program:

  • Exclusive, bespoke designed, full colour manual
  • Full 7 day NLP Practitioner Program
  • SCNLP Practitioner Certification
  • After course coaching support
  • PLUS (see this is the PLUS bit!!) you are guaranteed first refusal on a Course Coach position on the following NLP Practitioner Program and a chance to utilise your skills assisting the next batch of awesome SCNLP Practitioners as they start their NLP journey with us and you showing them the way together. NB The waiting list for these places is normally a year long, you are guaranteed a place on the next course we do.

The investment for this? Only £500. Yep, a full Prac, £500.

Remember there are only 2 Prac PLUS places on each course so please contact us quickly for details if you are interested.

  • Practitioner Plus Programme


  • Exclusively Available to NLP Pracs
  • Full Intensive 7-Day Training
  • Rekindle Your Skills
  • New Perspectives & Insights
  • Proof of Prac Certification required on booking
  • Funding Available - T&Cs Apply - please contact us for info
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