Personal Transformation Training

Are you new to NLP & Hypnosis and would like to learn more? Perhaps you are interested in becoming an NLP Practitioner but would like to learn more before committing?

Or maybe you are just curious about the power of NLP & Hypnosis and how they can help you both personally & proffessionally.

If so The Scottish Centre of NLP's 'NLP Personal Transformation day' is tailored perfectly to suit your needs.

This full day NLP course in Glasgow is designed to give you an introduction to NLP & Hypnosis, show you how they can be used and applied to great effect in different situations and provide you with an experience of what life will be like when you become an NLP Practitioner.

This seminar is high energy, informative and will open your mind to the wonderfully useful technologies of NLP & Hypnosis. Throughout the day you will learn:

  • What NLP is and how it can be applied to various applications
  • How NLP can enhance your personal & proffessional lives
  • How to communicate with influence & precision
  • Create personal change in yourself and others
  • How to achieve your goals quicker and more effortlessly
  • How to reduce fear, stress & manage your emotions more effectively
  • How to induce Hypnotic Trance
  • How Hypnotic Trance can be used for personal change
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