Hypnosis Training

The Art of Hypnosis is a 2 day course, open to everyone regardless of experience, brought to you by two of the most skilled and practiced hypnotherapists in Scotland (Brian Costello & Steven Burns) and is a must for anyone interested in learning how to use hypnosis to create quick, lasting change in themselves and others.

You will learn how Hypnosis is no 'trick' and is a simple and natural state of mind and body that anyone can enter easily, being shown the skills and techniques of the master hypnotists to induce deep states of trance and hypnosis, before being taught exactly how you can create powerful spaces for change to help people over a variety of life's challenges and problems e.g. smoking, weight loss, anxiety and insomnia.

Whether as something for your own personal learning, a professional curiosity or to even open a door to earning more money while times are tight The Art of Hypnosis is a must for anyone looking to find how to manage their own mind.

When you attend The Art of Hypnosis Course you will learn:

  • How to induce trance using a wide range of hypnotic inductions. Both Direct and indirect
  • How to utilise hypnotic phenomenon including advanced techniques such as amnesia, Deep Trance Identification Patterns, Cataleptic Phenomena, anaesthesis
  • How to use unconscious ideomotor signals to create powerful lasting change
  • How to create powerful change at the unconscious level
  • How to use hypnosis to help with stress management
  • How to use hypnosis to help with Confidence & Self Esteem
  • How to use hypnosis to accelerate your learning
  • Deep unconscious hypnotic rapport to help guide the client effortlessly
  • How to use self hypnosis as a tool for rapid change and development
  • How to set up a client hypnosis session from start to finish
  • Set up triggers so that you can re-activate trance states almost instantly
  • How to use hypnosis to build powerful, positive feelings & resource states
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