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I want to make loads of great info, assistance and guidance available to you and there are three ways to do it. Our Free Downloads section allows you to access a whole host of reports, guides, mp3 downloads and other goodies.

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Free Downloads

Breaking Free of Depression
A guide for anyone affected by depression. Insights into antidepressant medications, how to beat depression using the power of your own mind, simple tips and tricks for living life again.
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7 Answers Exercise
A powerful self assesment deisgned to uncover your passions and reveal the real root to your happiness.
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Headstrong Personal Assesment
A quick and easy self assesment tool with attached reading recommendations.
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Wheel of Life
The classic wheel of life assesment. Still used to day because it works!
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Goal Setting Questions
A quick way to check your progress and get some exta motivation in achieving your goals.
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Premium Downloads

  • Opening The Door


  • Welcome To Your Dreams...
    Opening The Door
  • An incredibly relaxing, hypnotic journey along a corridor of time and distant memory looking for an answer from deep inside. What incredible things will be behind your door?

  • Design Your Future


  • Design Future Goals...
    Design Your Future
  • Create a future of your dreams deep inside your unconscious, accessing all of the resources of your mind and putting them into create your perfect future.

  • Ho'o PonoPono


  • Ancient Hawaiian Meditation...
  • The ancient Hawaiians knew a thing or two when it came to minds and metaphors. This CD contains a beautiful meditation based on an ancient traditional technique practised for thousands of years.

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