About Headstrong NLP

Headstrong have been helping people change since 2007, assisting people from Glasgow to Buenos Aires, make the changes they are desperate for.

When we started, our mission was really simple; help people be the best version of themselves. Our mission is still exactly the same today and now we have so many more ways to do it than we did way back then!

As the home of top Mind Expert Brian Costello, who's work has been featured on national TV, Radio and numerous national newspapers and magazines, HeadStrong have developed a range of interventions that combine the best of Brian's knowledge and expertise in psychology, NLP, hypnosis, coaching and personal empowerment techniques.

Brian first studied NLP and hypnosis in 2003 and it was the incredible personal changes he made in his own life, changes he made by using the techniques and skills he now teaches and utilises, that changed his focus from one of corporate success to one of helping as many people as he could to change and help them change really, really quickly. It is this personal investment that makes Brian such a passionate trainer and coach, he had experienced it. He knows what it is like to change your life.

This meant that, in 2007, after 4 years of developing and studying the world of NLP and personal change, Brian left a successful corporate career with Barclays Wealth that, by this point, had him working as a part of a groundbreaking team of project managers managing projects across the UK and Europe, and HeadStrong was born.

Since those early days, Brian's work has now seen him help countless individuals with personal issues and challenges, speak at incredible events across the country and train, coach and consult with major companies such as Axa Insurance, Glasgow City Council, Razzamataz Theatre Schools, DMC Fitness, Barclays Wealth, RBS, Sellafield Ltd and many more.

In 2011 Brian teamed up with Steve Burns, another exceptional NLP coach and trainer and developer of the awesome Guide to Social Confidence, and created the Scottish Centre of NLP, a training organisation dedicated to delivering exceptional NLP and personal development training. In the short time since the Centre started they have trained some of the most awesome and exciting NLPers in the country, brought Master Trainers of NLP such as Owen Fitzpatrick to Scotland as part of their Master Practitioner Program and are creating a new standard for integrity, knowledge and application of NLP. For more on SCNLP Click Here

One of the personal changes NLP made to Brian's life was the help it gave in finally dealing with the after effects of bullying that he experienced in school. Experiencing just now quickly years of baggage could shift meant that, as soon as he learned NLP, he wanted to take it into schools and make sure that no one else needed to wait until 30 years old to make sense of those teenage years.

HeadStrong's Teen Coaching and the range of School Programmes, such as Aspire To Success, are one of the most exciting areas of HeadStrong at the moment and, if you are a teacher or parent, we urge you to check out the pages we have dedicated to these things for more details any how this all works.

And now, as you read this, we are now a small team, our range of services and ways of helping is growing and our reputation is growing almost entirely through word of mouth and our mission is still the same; to help everyone be the best version of themselves. That includes you.

Welcome to HeadStrong. We know you'll find everything you need.

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