Charity and Team Building Events

Are you a fundraiser looking for a big, high impact, press friendly event to raise money and gain much needed exposure and publicity for a worthy cause?

Are you a manager, business owner or leader who is looking for an unforgettable event to unite your team with an experinec that will push the boundaries of what your team, and your business, believe are possible?

Are you looking to do both at the same time and unite your team AND raise money?

You are 100% in the right place!

Under the expert facilitation and guidance of top Mind and Motivation Expert and F.I.R.E. Certified Instructor, Brian Costello, we will help and support you as you develop the perfect event to suit your needs.

The brief can be as simple as just the event or we can even assist in designing a full day of breakthrough activities, exercises and experiences so please get in touch and we wil chat you through the best options for your needs right now.

And it's not just Firewalking, we also facilitate;

  • Glasswalking - a bare foot walk over a 6ft long, 2 inch deep walk of real broken glass - link or embed glasswalk video
  • Board breaks - the quintessential breakthrough experience
  • Brick breaks - now we're getting harder, a bare handed smash through a 2 inch concrete block
  • Arrow Breaking - an awesome buzz as you break a 28in wooden arrow...with your throat!
  • Bar Bending - the ultimate team build activity, working in pairs to bend an 8ft long piece of construction steel by placing it in your throat and walking together.

All of these activities are 100% possible by anyone (I have personally witnessed an 8yr old boy complete the bar bend) and much safer than they sound!! The thoughts and fears that stop you are all in your mind.

It is because of that perceived danger that these activities work so well for raising money and bringing people together. There is nothing else like them.

Get in touch with Brian now and we can chat about how easy it is for you to create an event that people will remember forever.

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