Corporate Talent Coaching

Every business of every size needs good people to succeed. As leaders it is easy to spot those in our business that show talent, ingenuity, ambition and skill yet it isn't always easy to ensure these people have all the attitude, skills, tools and beliefs to fulfill that potential and succeed. HeadStrong Corporate Talent coaching is aimed at transforming the results of these individuals.

Our Corporate Talent Coaching Programming recognises three main components to successful coaching in business:

  • Breaking - where negative, unproductive or non-value adding patterns are interrupted and stopped
  • Suggesting - where new strategies, behaviours, values and beliefs are suggested, coached and managed to improve performance
  • Supporting - where the coachee is given ownership and empowered and supported to 'own' the new changes

In experience it is true that all businesses contain a few individuals who will show an exceptional level of competence in all 3 of these areas, however, it is also true they tend to be the exception rather than the rule. The rule tends to be that most managers and leaders excel in one of these areas, are OK in another and really need to work hard to carry out the remaining one effectively.

For example, a manager or leader who excels in Supporting and is good at Suggesting will be seen by many in the business to be an inspiring and effective leader who comes up with new ideas. However, if they lack skills in Breaking then they will find it difficult to bring certain people round to their bright new future, no matter how many times they tell them how amazing they can be!

However, this does not mean that we should just accept 'the rule'. ANY manager or leader can be trained to have an exceptional level of competence in all 3 areas and this is the aim of HeadStrong Corporate Talent Coaching. To deliver a highly targeted, individualised intervention designed to transform the skills of any potential or current manager or leader.

We will quickly diagnose which area(s) an individual is proficient in, i.e. where do they excel, what is it they do and, most importantly, how is it they do it, and then look for exactly where the support is required, i.e. what is it they need, how is it they are not doing it already, what is it that is preventing them being effective?

Following this 'diagnosis' we then follow up with 3 main coaching areas:

  • Skills - the development of the existing skills and competencies is an essential part of the coaching relationship. It is true that many mangers and leaders are not aware of what they are already good at and we will ensure that these skills and competencies are utilised, revived and brought into direct control for maximum effectiveness
  • Coaching - the opportunity to discuss and explore relationships within the business, challenges and the ongoing implementation of the new skillset all the while being pushed to develop and experiment with new ways of working in ways that will dramatically improve results
  • Toolkit - depending on the area requiring support, a range of tools, strategies and behaviours will be taught. These can range from simple communication tools to advanced questioning and coaching models to deeper understandings of the psychology of motivation, coaching and leadership

These 3 areas are, of course, coached within the larger Breaking, Suggesting and Supporting model and, at all times, we will challenge any behaviour, skill or belief that is not useful to the individual while also giving them the assistance and support to find new and more positive directions of management and leadership.

It is because of this total approach that our programme has been delivered successfully in a range of businesses including Axa, RBS, Honda UK, MacMillan Cancer Care and many SMEs across Scotland.

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